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Hia, I'm Michaela Palmer! A Twenty Something year old photographer/blogger from a little town in Leeds. 
I first found a camera when I were two years old, one of my Dad's 35mm film cameras; I loved taking photographs and from that moment I was always stealing my dad's camera. When I turned three my dad bought me my first camera, a Minolta 35mm film and soon after a Fuji film camera, I used to take photographs of anything and everything! So half of the time my mum and dad wouldn't put film in the camera as I would go through a whole film in half an hour! My dad took hundreds of photographs of me walking around the house with an eye patch on and a camera round my neck, as can be seen! (Nothing really has changed.. apart from the eye patch). 
I am Stereo-Blind which mean I have no depth perception, I see the world in 2D; This has controlled how I see & live in the world from a very young age, but over the last few years I have been using it as an advantage when it comes to my art. I also have other health issues with my back, legs, eyes & arms - it's in my muscles, joints and nerves causing a lot of pain on a daily basis, resulting in me taking a lot of medication and either sleeping a lot or being tired all the time!

I'm hoping with this blog I will be able to express myself & feelings be it with photos, words, reviews or just plain rambling on! 

Thank you for stopping by! & I hope you'll ramble on with me in these posts. If you have any question or would like any information please don't hesitate to e-mail me at michaela.i.palmer@gmail.com


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