Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wishlist - Ebay #2 - Pastel Blue & Pink Edition

| Straws - 99p | Chair - £54.99 | Duvet Cover - £16.95 | Handbag - £16.06 |
| Jewellery Box - £32.00 | Ceramic Butterfly Dish - £6.25 |

  I've been at it again, making huge watch list on Ebay.. I don't think a day goes by without having a quick look for bargains now & I reckon I've found a few goodies this time! 
  We'll start off with the straws shall we? They're a gorgeous pastel pink chevron pattern & made out of environmental safe paper; They would make me the envy of all my friends on instagram for sure! They also come in array of different colours including yellow, blue, grey, purple & red. At only 99p for a pack of 25 you can't go wrong!
  Next up is this beautiful replica of a Philippe Starck's ghost chairs series; First prduced in the 1998 they have become ever more popular with interior desingers in the last few years. This one is in a lovely rose hue; I can imagine it sitting infront of a bedroom dresser in my dream house. As original Philippe Starck ghost chairs go for over £200 this is a bargain at £54.99 with free delivery!

  If you like Shabby Chic or are obsessed with rose patterns (as many of us are!) then this is for you. A charming Catherine Lansfield Duvet Cover called Canterbury Floral Blue. As I have only just brought a new gorgeous duvet cover, I have this may have to wait awhile!
  As a teenager I classed myself as a skater who couldn't skate so the closest I came to a handbag was a Roxy Music Backpack, then in my twenty's I transitioned from backpack to satchel & to this day I still haven't owned a handbag (I know.. I'm not a proper girl) But I'm thinking this lovely blue Korean handbag could maybe be my first? Firstly, lovin' the colour. Secondly, arn't those winged sides cute? Thirdly, It comes with a strap in-case I can't go full handbag & I can wear it on my shoulder.
   Next up we have a Turquoise Glass Geometric Print Mirror Jewellery Box from the Debenhams Ebay shop, I think this would look gorgeous on a bedside table! I've never really liked mirrored objects but the turquoise geometric pattern really sets it apart.
  Lastly, I have had to include these ceramic cute little butterfly dishes; I think these are advertise as food dishes but I reckon it would be great to hold rings & earrings on each side!

  Have you seen anything of Ebay lately? 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What I've bought lately;

  I did some extra photo editing work this week which means money money money! Therefore a bit of retail therapy was in order. I'm not sure how many items would class as a haul but I'm going to call it a haul anyway. I only had time to pop into two shops today in Leeds, so obviously it would be New Look & Primark; I just love Primark's selection and lets not forget price, New Look is one of my favourite shops I could walk in there & walk out with the whole shop if I was rich enough. 

  New Look;


  I have to say my favourite item has to be the boots; I just love black ankle boots, give me a pair of them over high heels any day! I actually already have three different pairs already but another one isn't going to hurt right?

Number One - Black Boots - £24.99 
Number Two - Pale Blue 3/4 Sleeve Jumper - £7.00 (On Sale)
Number Three - Blue Butterfly Top - £4.00
Number Four - Mint Green Jumper - £8.00
Number Five - Gold Feather Ring - £1.00
Number Six - Blackcurrant & Orchid Candle - £1.00

Have you been shopping lately?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Photo Collage - Better Late Then Never.

  Do you ever get that, you plan something down to a T & then something small and silly gets in your way. Well quite a few days ago (Okay, weeks ago) it was my birthday day out with Mr M, It was lovely! Best birthday in quite awhile; We went to old, sleepy town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire. A lovely little spa town with the beautiful River Wharfe running through it. So, it's taken me all this time to edit the photos from that day.. & here they are, Enjoy!

  I think I'm in love with that bridge; I must of taken literally fifty photos of it, in every angle possible! Don't you think it would be a great place for an engagement photo session? Or a children's portrait session?

  Have you ever been? & Don't you think the duckie is so cute?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Wishlist - Topshop

  Have you seen Topshop lately? They have some lovely sale items on at the moment (you know me.. cannot resist a sale) & quite few new pieces for the A/W14 collection! Here's a quick list of my favorites & I added a satchel in there for good measure.

Number One. Medium Clean Satchel - £28
Number Two. Lips in Ditsy - £8
Number Three. Giggle Geek Shoes - £28
Number Four. Cami & Shorts PJ Set - £26
Number Five. Olivia Burton Watch - £62
Number Six. Lace Collar Top - £16
Number Seven. Strappy Lace Panel Sundress - £35

  I actually need to get these in my life, like right now.. but payday hasn't arrived yet so I shall just dream, for now. My top three are Number One, Number Three & Number Four. 
  What to say about Number One? Well it's a satchel, an adorable satchel & that's enough said! I'll move on to Number Three; I'm predominately a ankle boots kinda girl, but these shoes/sandal hybrid caught my eye. Firstly, they are super cute! & Secondly, they cover the toes plus the heels, which is wonderful for me as I hate toes! (Strange.. I know.) Now Number Four, I'm always on the look out for new PJ's (I've just bought this & this and i'm spending more time in them, then normal clothes) This set is too lovely to resist, the colour is perfect for me & the texture looks soft & delicate, great for the rest of summer!

  How about yourself, found anything nice at topshop lately?

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