Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wishlist - Ebay #1

  Here is my first Ebay wishlist! Basically a list of things I have fallen in love with over the last week on.. you guessed it.. Ebay. I'm starting to wonder if my wage this month will stretch far enough for me to get a couple of these, we shall have to wait & see! 
  At Number One we have Anna Sui - La Vie de Boheme EDT 50ml, I'm not sure if you lovely ladies have used/heard of Anna Sui but it's the only perfume I really ever use. This is one I haven't tried as of yet, so I shall have to give it a go! But don't you think the bottle is just so pretty?
  Number Two is amazing, a vintage style Wall's ice cream, milkshake maker; how exciting! It comes in a lovely blue & a cream version; I would have to get blue of course. It has a 12oz cup so you can make yourself one & your friends at the same time.
  I'm not sure if you can tell but at Number Three I've got a vinyl wall sticker, it's a lovely quote 'Live as if it's your last day, Dream as if you'll live forever' A great quote for above the bed, I don't think it would suit our bedroom at the moment but me & my other half are thinking about moving so maybe then.
  Number Four is a nice little photo frame with french style framing in white, just charming. I can never get too many photo frames! & this one would go great with my collection.
  Now i really need a new statement necklace & I think Number Five is gorgeous. I'm in love with the pastel shades, I just can not get enough of them at the moment, how about you? 
  Finally we have Number Six a cute little cream ceramic bird oil burner, I've just won some oil melts in a competition so these would be great to use them in, I think it would go great on my bedside table!

Number One - Anna Sui EDT 50ml - Price: £22.61
Number Two - Vintage Wall's Ice Cream, Milkshake maker - Price: £21.99
Number Three - Vinyl Wall Sticker - Price: £2.49
Number Four - Shabby Chic Photo Frame - Price: £3.99
Number Five - Pastel Statement Necklace - Price: £2.98
Number Six - Ceramic Bird Oil Burner - Price: £3.98 

Have you found anything on Ebay lately?


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