Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review - Mint Green Geneva Watch

I'm always on the look out for a bargain! & when I found this little piece of time in a corner of ebay, I just had to get it. So to start off the price.. drum roll please.. £2.75 with Free P&P! I'm not normally a watch person but with it being so on trend and then the price, I just had to get it. Normally when you find something that cheap on the internet you'll start to wonder, 'how long will it even last?' Well I've had it four days now and no problems so far, it has kept time very well.

The watch comes in a variety of colours including - Sky Blue, Purple, White, Black, Rose, Navy Blue & more. I fell in love with the Mint Green version, I'm not sure why but I'm becoming obsessed with Mint Green and I usually hate any form of green! This one and the sky blue version are really on trend at the moment and I might just have to treat myself to another one.. Shh!

From: Ebay Price: £2.75 - Free P&P


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