Below is a list of Q&A's I have been asked or think you should know! Got anymore? Leave a comment below.

What's your name?  Michaela Inge Palmer.

How old are you?  Alright, Alright I'm Twenty Four, with the body of a Sixty year old & a mental age of a Six year old.. HA!

Where are you from?  I'm from a town called Guiseley on the outskirts of Leeds.

Is this your first blog?  No, I have another one just for photography & design I started years ago but never really stuck too it!

Are all the photos / designs yours?  Yes, all photos & designs are by me, unless otherwise started with a photo credit / link below the image.

Do you have a job?  I work part-time at a well known supermarket as a Checkout Dolly/Cigarette Girl. I have had jobs working as a Freelance Photographer / A Assistant photographer in a studio / An Editor - Mostly working in the fields of family portraits & weddings.

Why do you work in a supermarket instead of a photographer / designer?  Well there are few reasons! One - Money security, You never know when you'll next have a job or get paid & the landlord doesn't like that! Two - I find it really hard with my health to be on my feet, moving, jumping, crouching for eight hours to get the perfect shot. Normally now I'll only have one wedding a year but I still make designs and sell them online.

What camera & editing software do you use?  Nearly all of my photos will be taken with a Canon 450D, which is really old & I would love a new one! My lens are a Canon 15 - 55mm (Standard lens you get) & a Canon 50mm 1.8 II - which I love, but I do have my eyes on another one! The software I use is Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Adobe Lightroom 4.4

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