Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Wishlist - Oliver Bonas

  I think I may have found my new favourite shop! Oliver Bonas has everything.. Homeware, Clothes, Furniture, Jewellery & much, much more. Although I will have to take a mortgage out on my imaginary house to buy everything I love on the site, I still think they're a reasonable priced shop. So here is my most loved pieces from Oliver Bonas;

| Scarf - £9 | Photo Frame - £26 | Hanging Mirror - £25 | Coffee Table - £350 | 
| Round Stone Bangle - £26 | Chest of Draws - £495 |
| Leaf & Stone Necklace - £26 | Dress - £65 | Hand & Nail Cream - £8.50 |

  Now lets just take a moment to talk about Oliver Bonas furniture, it is just gorgeous & out there at the same time! Different colour combinations, types of wood and all the different draws handles on one piece.. amazing! I think if you got one of these piece it would have to be the focus of your room & everything else toned down, otherwise the room would slash and be too much to take in at once (white walls, framed black & white prints, matching blue sofa, etc). The prices may seem a little high but they're pieces you'll love & have for a number of years! 
  The jewellery I've picked out I'm secretly thinking of buying for myself as a present. Christmas is only round of corner & I need a few new pieces for family meals & outings. The necklace is a great autumn piece, the leaf design is lovely, really delicate, stunninig. I'm really into stone jewellery at the moment which is why I think I've picked out two items featuring them; I think it's a good investment as stone is timeless, you would of seen it in the flapping 1920's and it's a good bet it will be round another hundred years.
  The hanging copper mirror would of been a great edition in the A/W Copper Wishlist, Copper is really popular at the moment for home decor! This mirror would be a great way to add a little detail into your living room or hallway.
  I think this shop may be my favourite find of the year... If only I was a rich girl (Gwen Stefani moment there.. That song will stuck in my head for days now!) I would be buying their whole stock & everything they get in future.

  Have you used Oliver Bonas before? Found any little gems?

Friday, 10 October 2014

Life On Instagram

  If there's one app I just don't use enough of it's Instagram! You'd think for someone who is so in love with photography I'd be eating it up for breakfast, lunch & dinner.. But for so many reasons I'm not. (Which I'd love to get into but it just makes little me very annoyed!) But for the rest of the year & maybe even longer I'm setting myself a challenge to do more & take more.  
  I haven't got a iPhone or even a phone which came out in the last two years so the camera does not compare to the likes of most on Instagram (It has 5MP but I swear only 2MP work) but I do have the eye for taking picturesque images & silly photos.

  When I have a look through my feed of mediocre image I can spot a few gems! Which does make me think 'What if I hadn't had my rubbish phone then?' I could of missed a few special moments & I wouldn't have an image to remember it by! Also, it proves to myself that you don't need to have best camera to be a photographer (Something my college teacher would drill into my head every term).
  Therefore, I am going to take more photos & try use my two million megapixels to the maximum!

  Do you like using instagram? Have you taken a masterpiece on your phone?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wishlist - A/W Copper Home

After reading the wonderful ROCO online home magazine last night, I became inspired by the Copper home trend on Pages, 10 - 12 from Issue Ten; So throughout today I have been sprawling around the world of the internet looking for a few key pieces that would go with two of the items from the article, that I'd love to have for when I get a new place with Mr M in a few months. I've kept the prices to £40 & Under as when your dealing with copper the prices really can run away with you, as I did find myself looking at a £900 lamp & now I need it in my life!

Number One - Set of Bowls - Rowen & Wren - £36
Number Two - Square Candelabra - John Lewis - £26
Number Three - Copper & Black Acctim Wall Clock - Tesco - £30
Number Four - Albus Twisted Table Lamp - John Lewis - £40
Number Five - Storage Basket - H&M - £6.99
Number Six - Wooden Tealight Holder - H&M - £1.99

  Number One is a set of four bowls from Rowen & Wren which are simply gorgeous! They are described as ice cream bowls which just makes them even cuter. As they have high quantities of copper in them, they will patina over time giving them a unique character which would look lovely on your kitchen shelf.  
  Number Two is a square candelabra which can dress up any dining table known to man. The shape kind of reminds of something I made back in Tech at High School (I don't know if that's a good thing? or bad?) but I kinda like it! Also it isn't a very strong copper colour, so if you're worried about adding copper to your home this would be a great first step!
  Number Three is actually one of my favourites (While writing this it has become out of stock.. my heart is breaking) & I'm really going to have to buy this first! There is also a white version on different websites (Amazon) but I really cannot decide which is better! I just love how most of the numbers are dented in but 12, 3, 6 & 9 pop out, just adds a lot more detail to this simple but amazing clock.

  Number Four, a lamp from John Lewis, is really starting to grow on me.. At first the shape was a tad strange but I now adore it. It's a great statement lamp to sit next to a sofa or in a bedroom if your side table needs more of a focal point.
  Number Five is a gorgeous storage basket from H&M which is perfect for a office work space (Think pinterest white desk & walls), I can really see myself storing my planner, a book & paperwork in it.
  Number Six is a collection of three different tealight holders from H&M, each one costing £1.99, so you can get the set for less then £6! I love the copper, wood & white holder the best, it's just perfect for adding a dash of copper to your living room without going OTT.

How about you, do you like the copper trend? Have you found any great pieces?

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