Friday, 10 October 2014

Life On Instagram

  If there's one app I just don't use enough of it's Instagram! You'd think for someone who is so in love with photography I'd be eating it up for breakfast, lunch & dinner.. But for so many reasons I'm not. (Which I'd love to get into but it just makes little me very annoyed!) But for the rest of the year & maybe even longer I'm setting myself a challenge to do more & take more.  
  I haven't got a iPhone or even a phone which came out in the last two years so the camera does not compare to the likes of most on Instagram (It has 5MP but I swear only 2MP work) but I do have the eye for taking picturesque images & silly photos.

  When I have a look through my feed of mediocre image I can spot a few gems! Which does make me think 'What if I hadn't had my rubbish phone then?' I could of missed a few special moments & I wouldn't have an image to remember it by! Also, it proves to myself that you don't need to have best camera to be a photographer (Something my college teacher would drill into my head every term).
  Therefore, I am going to take more photos & try use my two million megapixels to the maximum!

  Do you like using instagram? Have you taken a masterpiece on your phone?

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