Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Design - You are my sunshine


Have you ever just had a song stuck in your head & couldn't get rid of it? Well I have at this moment in time! The lovely song 'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey' (Singing in a little childish voice) I decided to put my sidetracked brain to good use & make it into a design. I'm in love with quote related homeware at this time whether it be on a cushion, bedding or like the quote vinyl wall sticker in my last post from Ebay. I was going to use the whole sentence but it just looked cluttered & squashed, later opting for the four words, which now I think is more catching and if you're like me.. your starting to sing the whole song after you read it. I was just using a plain orange sun but it felt boring to me so I knew it would be for you! After thinking for about half an hour I remembered about using shiny textures & found a great gold leaf texture to use. Overall simple but strong; I'm really going to have to get the tote for next summer!





All of these are available on my Society6 shop plus much more, would appreciate a look around darlings! Either click on the photos or the link just below.
Sorry no promotions at the moment.. But as soon as I have one I'll let you know! 

Michaela Palmer on Society6

Which product is your favorite? 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wishlist - Ebay #1

  Here is my first Ebay wishlist! Basically a list of things I have fallen in love with over the last week on.. you guessed it.. Ebay. I'm starting to wonder if my wage this month will stretch far enough for me to get a couple of these, we shall have to wait & see! 
  At Number One we have Anna Sui - La Vie de Boheme EDT 50ml, I'm not sure if you lovely ladies have used/heard of Anna Sui but it's the only perfume I really ever use. This is one I haven't tried as of yet, so I shall have to give it a go! But don't you think the bottle is just so pretty?
  Number Two is amazing, a vintage style Wall's ice cream, milkshake maker; how exciting! It comes in a lovely blue & a cream version; I would have to get blue of course. It has a 12oz cup so you can make yourself one & your friends at the same time.
  I'm not sure if you can tell but at Number Three I've got a vinyl wall sticker, it's a lovely quote 'Live as if it's your last day, Dream as if you'll live forever' A great quote for above the bed, I don't think it would suit our bedroom at the moment but me & my other half are thinking about moving so maybe then.
  Number Four is a nice little photo frame with french style framing in white, just charming. I can never get too many photo frames! & this one would go great with my collection.
  Now i really need a new statement necklace & I think Number Five is gorgeous. I'm in love with the pastel shades, I just can not get enough of them at the moment, how about you? 
  Finally we have Number Six a cute little cream ceramic bird oil burner, I've just won some oil melts in a competition so these would be great to use them in, I think it would go great on my bedside table!

Number One - Anna Sui EDT 50ml - Price: £22.61
Number Two - Vintage Wall's Ice Cream, Milkshake maker - Price: £21.99
Number Three - Vinyl Wall Sticker - Price: £2.49
Number Four - Shabby Chic Photo Frame - Price: £3.99
Number Five - Pastel Statement Necklace - Price: £2.98
Number Six - Ceramic Bird Oil Burner - Price: £3.98 

Have you found anything on Ebay lately?


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wishlist - Mint Green

I think my obsession with mint green may have gone a tad too far! Here's a run down of my latest finds & of them, I  have no idea which one I want to buy next! As I don't think on my pitiful wage I could ever get them all, "I'm so very sad". 
I think this pastel shade of green is just so gorgeous, a lovely summer colour which would complement many complexions, plus mint goes really well with other colours.. any pastel shades, white, cream, light blue's etc etc; Take for example Number Three would go great with a pair of white trousers & a pastel peach cami top, just lovely!

Number One - Embellished Playsuit - From: New Look - Price: £27.99

Number Two - Plain Satchel - From: Ebay - Price: £19.99

Number Three - Waterfall Blazer - From: New Look - Price: £24.99

Number Four - Balconette Bra - From: H&M - Price: £12.99

Number Five - Cross Strap Platform Sandals - From: ASOS - Price: £60.00

Number Six - Chiffon Cami Skater Dress - From: ASOS - Price: £30.00

But if I have to pick.. Number One & Six are the ones I need next in my life, How about you?


Monday, 14 July 2014

Wishlist - Glasses

The fashion of glasses has changed a lot recently, ever since the introduction of 'Geek Glasses', well re-introduction. Glasses have become cool & not something you'd get bullied about at school anymore! There is now a wider choice in frame style, colours and sizes which is why they're more a fashion statement then ten years ago, with you being able to express yourself as easy as changing a top. 
It was only a few months ago I found the world of internet glasses shopping, like many of us I had been wrapped up in the need to try before I buy not knowing a lot of glasses websites have that option as well. 
I have rounded up my top eight pairs with prices starting at £15 to £229, some websites charge a separate payment for lens so I have included both for all of you! I would like this to be a weekly thing but as company's don't update their collections very often this might have to be monthly!
My top three are 1, 7 & 8, I've just bought pair number 7 in purple & I think they are just amazing, the colours look lovely on and they are nice & big which I love, plus you seriously can not go wrong for the price! I think if i could justify spending £229 for a pair of glasses number 8 would be my next choice! There are a lot of fade styles in lately with I just love! How about you, what's your favourite?

1. Name: Alexa - Frame Price: £69 - Lens Price: Free - From: Specsavers
Come in Black.

2. Name: Scout Firework - Frame Price: £75 - Lens Price: From £10 - From: Glasses Direct
Come in Wine Fade, Brown Fade, Blue Fade.

3. Name: Cosmopolitan - Frame Price: £26 Lens Price: Start from £10  - From: Glasses Direct
Come in green, pink

4. Name: Drew - Frame Price: £69 - Lens Price: Free - From: Specsavers
Come in Blue.

5. Name: Replay 18 - Frame Price: £99 - Lens Price: Free - From: Specsavers
Come in Tortoiseshell

6. Name: DS Petite Collection - Frame Price: £64 - Lens Price: Free - From: Direct Sight 
Come in Wine/White, Black, Red

7. Name: DS Collection - Frame Price: £15 - Lens Price: Free - From: Direct Sight
Come in Purple, Green, Pink.

8. Name: Heston Hyson - Frame Price £229 - Lens Price: Free - From: Vision Express
Come in Black.

Just a word of warning though, please check and read reviews for companies, there have been a few news articles about cheap companies using rubbish materials & sending back the wrong prescription in the glasses; Signs of this are headaches for longer than 2 weeks (as lots of people, including myself get headaches every time we change prescription), blurry eyesight, dizziness & nausea. If you have any of these please go to see your opticians or doctor.

P.S. Had a lovely birthday on Friday, went out for the day with my wonderful over half, took photos, had ice cream, walked up & down a river for 3 and half hours, and had a lovely meal to top it all off! Photos to follow once I get round to editing them.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review - Mint Green Geneva Watch

I'm always on the look out for a bargain! & when I found this little piece of time in a corner of ebay, I just had to get it. So to start off the price.. drum roll please.. £2.75 with Free P&P! I'm not normally a watch person but with it being so on trend and then the price, I just had to get it. Normally when you find something that cheap on the internet you'll start to wonder, 'how long will it even last?' Well I've had it four days now and no problems so far, it has kept time very well.

The watch comes in a variety of colours including - Sky Blue, Purple, White, Black, Rose, Navy Blue & more. I fell in love with the Mint Green version, I'm not sure why but I'm becoming obsessed with Mint Green and I usually hate any form of green! This one and the sky blue version are really on trend at the moment and I might just have to treat myself to another one.. Shh!

From: Ebay Price: £2.75 - Free P&P


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Design - Enjoy The Simple Things In Life

Yesterday I were in the mood for design! I were looking at the background for the header of my blog & started thinking of all the possibilities. It's such a simple texture of paper and watercolour but it made my mind run wild; Don't you find it strange how the simple things make you think of so much more? 
I think I have mentioned before I like to dabble in designing but I also have an online shop (Go me!) On here my designs & photo can be sold as prints, phone cases, cushions, rugs, cards, T-Shirts, shower curtains, clocks.. etc,etc. I think my newest design works really well as quite a few of them so here they are! 
Please tell me what you think!

 All these pieces & more are available to buy on my Society6 website - items start from as little as £7. From time to time I can give you some money off offers & free international shipping! (As Society6 is based in the US) And I have one now for all you darlings YAY!

FREE Worldwide Shipping + $5 Off New Biker Tanks
All you have to do is click this Web Url - Michaela Palmer | Society6

Promotion expires July 13, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Throw Pillows with inserts and Rugs.


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Review - Birthday Satchel

In less than a week it's my Twenty-Something birthday & yesterday my sister gave me an early birthday gift! A beautiful satchel, I love satchels! I'm not a handbag person at all & when satchels became all the rage I knew I'd have to have one or two or ten! Sadly my beloved is coming to the end of it's life and starting to fray, which is why this lovely bag means even more. 

Firstly, I love the twist from a normal satchel. The little pouch in the middle of the bag is something I haven't seen done before, it's a great size to fit a phone in or a coin purse. It also makes the front more attractive with sweeping curve of the lid going around it. 
Secondly, the colour. It described as Taupe, a brownish grey mixed with gold. It not a colour I would pick for my self as I tend to go with dark colours like black & grey with bags but it's really starting to grow on me. The gold from the buckles really compliments it well. 
Inside the satchel has a main zip which keeps all your belongs safe and sound, once inside a second zip compartment at the back of the bag & two pockets at the front, one small one large which I shall be placing my keys in so they don't rattle around! The bag itself looks and feels sturdy and will hopefully last longer then the meek 6 months of my last one!

All round I would give it 5/5 but even this satchel might not able to stop me looking at others. 

From: Fashion Only. RRP: Around £20.


Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Post!

I just want to say Hiaa! & Welcome to my blog! This is my first post with many to come in the future. If you have read my About Me, you'll know I'm a keen photographer & I'm hoping to include lots of my images on here for you to enjoy! 

I also have passions for - Clothing, Design, Bags, TV Series, Music, Food, Make-up (Even if I'm not good at it), All things Geek, Home Decor, Cats, Bargains & everything in between. All of which I will be including on Watercolour Camera, if you ever think of anything you'd like me to review or a photography project you'd like to work together on Ect, just get in-touch, Comment/E-mail. 
For the next week I'm hoping to get all of this up & running; work out the kinks, start designing and hoping to be posting on a regular basis. For now I'll just post a few of recent photos I've taken, See you again soon.


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