Monday, 14 July 2014

Wishlist - Glasses

The fashion of glasses has changed a lot recently, ever since the introduction of 'Geek Glasses', well re-introduction. Glasses have become cool & not something you'd get bullied about at school anymore! There is now a wider choice in frame style, colours and sizes which is why they're more a fashion statement then ten years ago, with you being able to express yourself as easy as changing a top. 
It was only a few months ago I found the world of internet glasses shopping, like many of us I had been wrapped up in the need to try before I buy not knowing a lot of glasses websites have that option as well. 
I have rounded up my top eight pairs with prices starting at £15 to £229, some websites charge a separate payment for lens so I have included both for all of you! I would like this to be a weekly thing but as company's don't update their collections very often this might have to be monthly!
My top three are 1, 7 & 8, I've just bought pair number 7 in purple & I think they are just amazing, the colours look lovely on and they are nice & big which I love, plus you seriously can not go wrong for the price! I think if i could justify spending £229 for a pair of glasses number 8 would be my next choice! There are a lot of fade styles in lately with I just love! How about you, what's your favourite?

1. Name: Alexa - Frame Price: £69 - Lens Price: Free - From: Specsavers
Come in Black.

2. Name: Scout Firework - Frame Price: £75 - Lens Price: From £10 - From: Glasses Direct
Come in Wine Fade, Brown Fade, Blue Fade.

3. Name: Cosmopolitan - Frame Price: £26 Lens Price: Start from £10  - From: Glasses Direct
Come in green, pink

4. Name: Drew - Frame Price: £69 - Lens Price: Free - From: Specsavers
Come in Blue.

5. Name: Replay 18 - Frame Price: £99 - Lens Price: Free - From: Specsavers
Come in Tortoiseshell

6. Name: DS Petite Collection - Frame Price: £64 - Lens Price: Free - From: Direct Sight 
Come in Wine/White, Black, Red

7. Name: DS Collection - Frame Price: £15 - Lens Price: Free - From: Direct Sight
Come in Purple, Green, Pink.

8. Name: Heston Hyson - Frame Price £229 - Lens Price: Free - From: Vision Express
Come in Black.

Just a word of warning though, please check and read reviews for companies, there have been a few news articles about cheap companies using rubbish materials & sending back the wrong prescription in the glasses; Signs of this are headaches for longer than 2 weeks (as lots of people, including myself get headaches every time we change prescription), blurry eyesight, dizziness & nausea. If you have any of these please go to see your opticians or doctor.

P.S. Had a lovely birthday on Friday, went out for the day with my wonderful over half, took photos, had ice cream, walked up & down a river for 3 and half hours, and had a lovely meal to top it all off! Photos to follow once I get round to editing them.


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