Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What I've bought lately;

  I did some extra photo editing work this week which means money money money! Therefore a bit of retail therapy was in order. I'm not sure how many items would class as a haul but I'm going to call it a haul anyway. I only had time to pop into two shops today in Leeds, so obviously it would be New Look & Primark; I just love Primark's selection and lets not forget price, New Look is one of my favourite shops I could walk in there & walk out with the whole shop if I was rich enough. 

  New Look;


  I have to say my favourite item has to be the boots; I just love black ankle boots, give me a pair of them over high heels any day! I actually already have three different pairs already but another one isn't going to hurt right?

Number One - Black Boots - £24.99 
Number Two - Pale Blue 3/4 Sleeve Jumper - £7.00 (On Sale)
Number Three - Blue Butterfly Top - £4.00
Number Four - Mint Green Jumper - £8.00
Number Five - Gold Feather Ring - £1.00
Number Six - Blackcurrant & Orchid Candle - £1.00

Have you been shopping lately?

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