Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review - Fragrance Direct Make-Up Haul

  I have a confession to make.. I don't know anything about make-up; I don't know what most of it does, I don't know how to apply it & I don't have a daily make-up routine. (Shocking I know) I often go on websites, have a look at all the different foundations, blushers & eye-liners, put some items in the bag and close the website page down; Stand in-front of a make-up stand in Boots and get confused by all the different choices, start thinking 'what the feck is the difference between a BB Cream & a CC Cream and why the feck do I need these in me life?!' Calmly placing them back down, turning around and walk the hell out of there.
  So after reading a number of beauty blogs I follow, I decided to go for it & buy some cheap make-up & then in-case I don't like it or they don't agree with me, I wouldn't mind wasting a few pound on them. So this will probably be my first & last make-up review unless I dare to go into boots again..

Number One; 

  I've never really got the hang of eye shadow.. I could put the colour on one eye & it would look completely different on the other! Also, I don't know if it's just me or most people who wear glasses but I tend to feel it looks wrong? It never just really goes? Well after trying a few million times I managed to get some on & I still haven't got the hang of smokey eyes but the colours do look lovely! They go on great and to my amazement have not been too dusty or fall on my cheeks which is what you expect with a 99 pence eyeshadow palette!

Number Two;

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance In Peach Glow - £1.99

  Not really sure why I was drawn to this product as it came out forever ago.. But I just liked to colour (Is that bad?) To be honest this really did not work for my complication at all. I used it all different ways, just blending on cheeks, mixing with my foundation, but it attracted to my dry skin & clumped.. Maybe if I had more of a oily skin it could of worked! Yet, the colour was a lovely warm pinky/peach shade which was gorgeous on my skin tone! It really did give me a instant healthy looking glow in colour.

Number Three;

  I've never used a highlighter before & for the price of £1.99 you really can not give it a go! With the long shifts I've been working and the sleepless nights I have started to get noticeable bags under the eyes so I put Technic to the test & I have to say it's amazing! You just turn the easy to use dial to get the right amount for yourself, dab under the eyes and blend in with your finger or brush; & job's a good'un! Brighten eyes with no sign of dark circles to be seen. This is now my staple piece of make-up, I take it everywhere with me.

Number Four & Five;

Astor Perfect Stay Transferproof Lip Tint in Blushing Rose & Cotton Candy - 99p Each.

  When I saw these lip tints at the these ridiculous prices I had to give them a go! I have used lip gloss a few times over the years & hated them, also with lipstick I've used them but can never find a good shade for me. So I picked a couple pinky shades & gave them a go for a week. Firstly, lets just say they don't last that long; I went to the pub last week wearing Cotton Candy (which looks absolutely gorgeous on) When we got there I already had to put some back on, it did take us 30 minutes to get there as we were stuck in traffic but still as soon as I arrive some where I don't want to be running to the bathroom to re-apply! Do I girls? Nevertheless, to colours are great! My favourtie has to be Cotton Candy, it's not too pink & not too red & not too bright (I sound like Goldilocks). In the future I don't think I'd buy these again but If I could get these sort of shades in a lip stick I might buy that! 

One last thing to say, You really need to check out Fragrance Direct & not just for perfumes! Their prices are amazing for everything! Just look how cheap this haul was.. £6.95!! You really can not go wrong.

Jeez this has been long to say I don't know anything about make-up!  
Does anyone have a tip on what one piece of make-up I need in my life? My next staple?

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