Sunday, 12 April 2015

Five things;

  With me & Mr M planning on getting our new place soon, I have been looking online a lot more recently for new home inspiration, be it new kitchen gadgets that I don't think I'd ever use or new art prints to hang in our living room. Over the last few days I have found five objects I need in my life right now - No question. 

| Newgate Clock - £20 | Elephant Lamp - £30 | Plate & Bowl Set - £18 | Duvet Cover - £70 | Glass Terrarium - £40 |

I really am loving the botanical theme at the moment for the bedding room, while actually just in general; It's just perfect for the start of spring and on those chilly nights in winter when you're dreaming of warmer times. The Joules Duvet Cover is just perfect for the botanical theme, the neutral tones  highlighted with yellow from the mini bees in the pattern means the colour in your room come from the prints, glass vases & plants in your Urban Outfitters terrarium

Have you started to love all things botanical?

1 comment:

  1. Love that Newgate Clock. I recently purchased one of their Bulitt wall clocks from James Samson -


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