Friday, 10 April 2015


  So I have been AWOL, MIA and any other army reference I can think of! A lot has happened in the last few months from engagements to operations, from 45 hour work weeks to being so ill I couldn't get out of bed. I haven't been able to do as many designs as I would of liked either but I'm trying to bring my creations to life again.

Time for a photo collage! Oh yeah baby.

  So was an exciting & stressful few months; Me and Matthew got engaged in February at Scarborough, I now have a beautiful Sapphire & Diamond ring attached to my left hand (But not for the five days I lost it, started to go manic crazy and then found it in the washing pile..); I had an operation on my left eye in November, which didn't work and my consultant still doesn't know whats wrong with them; I've had a few nice days out thanks to Matthew getting a new job, with the wage to match; A close family friend got the two cutest King Charles Spaniels called Finley & Millie, I've fallen in love with them; Last week I got a wonderful new pair of glasses for spring; & lots more.

   I'm hoping this will be the end of my blogging break & that I'll be back with many new post. I just want to thank the few followers who have stuck with Watercolour Camera while I've been AWOL, you don't now how much that mean to me.

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